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Just in case you have been looking around for a medium that will serve as a reference material into understanding the Butura people at a glance, the rich cultural heritage of the Butura people, their mode of dressing, the daily way of life and the origin, look no further.


Butura is a village area in Bokkos Local Government Area (L.G.A.) of Plateau State. Bokkos town which is the headquarters of the L.G.A. is approximately 75 Kilometres South West of Jos city, the capital of Plateau state. From Bokkos town, Butura Wuuh, the ancestral headquarters of the village is 4 kilometres to the South West of Bokkos town. Butura people are found in Bokkos and Barkin Ladi L.G.A’s. and reported to have a projected population of about 76 thousand people based on the 2006 National Population Census and projected 2.6% annual rate of increase in the population; and several more in the diaspora. The Butura people belong to the Ron stock in Ron-Kulere Chiefdom of Bokkos LGA. They are sometimes referred to as Challa which is their way of greeting. According to oral traditions and some early colonial records, they migrated gradually from their ancestral home Butura Wuuh to their distant farmlands located at different places within the radius of between 3 to 20 kilometers. From the ancestral home, they formed new satellite settlements. These satellite hamlets include: Mabel, Barah, Kunet, Butura Campany, Machambe, Bhutt (Tenti Baba), Gnagh ti Ngbang (Maikatako), Chikam, Diram, Ndar, Ramtiwem (Kuba), Fit-Makusho, Fanjor, Ngnaghsiih, Dares, Danbukur, Sangwak, Duwong, Maiyanga, RamaBongnah, Leng (Maijahota), Kaper and Mazat (Ganandaji).

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